What is SilkSwap?

SilkSwap is a digital-first fashion house. We believe that the fashion game has become too much about how much money you have and not enough about how much style you have. New and innovative silhouettes should be available to everyone, not gated behind four figure price tags.

What do I get when I purchase a garment?

After you purchase a garment we will ask you to upload a photo to swap the garment into. After all sumbmissions are received You'll receive back that same photo, this time wearing the garment you purchased. No physical garment will be sent to you.

Any garments you purchase now will automatically be added to your SilkSwap wardrobe permanently for unlimited future swaps when we release our public beta.

What if I want to buy the garment now but I don't have a good photo to use?

No problem. After you purchase a garment we will give you a one-time link for uploading your photo. Feel free to save the link and upload the perfect photo whenever you want.

Whats the difference between buying a garment and signing up for the beta?

Currently we offer limited edition garments that can be swapped once, however that garment will automatically be credited to your SilkSwap wardrobe in the future when that feature is out of beta.

In our private beta we are rolling out our SilkSwap wardrobe technology that allows you to wear the garments you purchase here an unlimited amount of times! Because this technology is still new and we are working out all the kinks we are keeping the beta private. By signing up you are added to the wait list for entering the private beta. Sign up here.

Can I wear the garment I bought in any photo I want?

For the most part, yes! There are some extreme cases where it won't be possible to overlay your clothing of choice on the photo you submit. In that case we will contact you directly to either upload a new photo or choose a new garment.

Can I wear the same garment in as many different photos as I want?

Currently no. You must purchase each piece you want to wear once per photo. We are however opening a beta subscription service where you will be able to wear each piece of clothing you buy in as many photos as you want! Think of it as a digital wardrobe. Sign up here.

How does sizing work?

All of our garments are gender neutral, and because they are digital we can fit them to any body type.

I still have questions!

We'd love to hear from you! Reach out at ethan@silkswap.com or DM us at @silk.swap.