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Ruffle Jacket
by Fernando Flaquer
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Ruffle Jacket
By Fernando Flaquer

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I Am One With
by Soggy Studio

I Am One With chronicles the life cycle of impulse, indulgence, dependence, and consequence within the framework of relentless hedonism. It is dedicated to my love for underground raving culture and tells the stories of a multitude of people within this community, including myself and members of my family. These gruesome stories are also quite romantic. My goal was to capture this juxtaposition within the fabrics, structures, silhouettes, and making processes of each of the garments. This is part one of an eight-look collection. Part two will be released 9.2.2019.

Floating World
by Khoman Room

Floating world takes a metaphysical look at how the influence of Hip-Hop has become the foundation for a whole generation. NYC plays a leading role, acting as a landscape in which ideas, people, things whirl together with electric frenzy.
Khoman Room collaborated with Painter, Ho Jae Kim, who created a whimsical, eclectic amalgamation from various tropes of American culture, with unexpcted twists influenced by youth culture, humour, and the chaos of life in NYC.